AUS/NZ 4114.1 Standards

Pumpless Water Wash booths are designed to cope with larger quantities of overspray, they can be designed and manufactured to any size for any type of application. 

They can be used by a manual operator spraying towards the booth or a continuous conveyer.

Pumpless Water Wash booths require a pump out of water and a clean every 6-12 months. 
This must carried out by a registered hazardous waste diposal company. 

Water treatment chemicals can also be added to assist in maintenance. 
This would be decided on type of paint, laquer, enamel, two pack and most other applications.

Application Rate
More than 4 litres/hour
From 2-4 litres/hour
Less than 2 litles/hour
Suitable Filter
WaterWash Booth
WaterWash, Dry Filter
WaterWash, Dry Filter

Outstanding Advantages:
  • High and low extraction
  • No nozzles or pumps to block
  • No filters to replace
  • Full water wall as spray target area
  • High efficiency with low maintenance